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Customize your sofa set!

1. What exactly does the custom sofa program offer?

At EASY BUY DECOR we offer a custom program that mainly focuses on giving our customers the ability to customize their dream sofas/sectionals.  Our program is ideal for customers that want to have detailed sofas in their home. Our program starts with choosing a style of preference followed by the color then followed by size and finalizing with details.

2. How long does it take?

7-15 days from the order date.

3. What fabric are available for customization?

We offer a wide variety of fabrics, we have over 100+ colors available. Colors vary from solid to vibrant. Textures range from Solid, Velvet, Water resistant, Patterned textures and more.

4. Can people choose a style and make it smaller to fit their home?

Yes, Customers have the option to choose Style, size, color and design.

5. Can my custom order be process sooner?

Our processing time from the date of the order placed is extremely fast compared to competitors. We are the only store around the area that gives customers the ability to start building a sofa set from scratch & have it delivered in less than 15days.

6. Can customize sofas be finance.

Yes, anything sold at EASY BUY DECOR can be financed. 

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